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XM42-M Ultralite Backpack - Black

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"Increase your burn time to over 3.5 minutes by converting your XM42-M to the XM42-M Ultralite!Designed for the US Forestry Service, firefighters, and controlled burn specialists, the Ultralite is the epitome of flame throwing technology. Our extended reach torch facilitates application of fire across washes and other geographical concerns compared to standard drip torches.Features: Hand TIG welded aluminum 3 gallon reservoir PTFE stainless steel braided fuel hose Custom nylon straps by Zulu Nylon Gear Heavy duty carry handle Weighs 6.8 lb (only adding 5.8 lb when installed due to removing the standard fuel tank) Includes: Ultralite backpack reservoir -6AN PTFE stainless braided hose Adapter fitting to connect to flamethrower Cushioned nylon straps Copper flare seals* Detailed instruction manual Flamethrower not included, obviously. Simple installation:Simply unscrew the standard 4"" tank, unscrew the hex/pipe feed tube, thread on the AN fitting, and connect it to the backpack reservoir using the included line. Detailed instructions and images are included. A video guide will also be available.*Sealing is important in this application. We don't trust AN fittings on their own. We know you have anecdotal evidence that they've never leaked on your race car or aircraft, but in our experience, they are hit or miss, and we can't have a miss when there's fuel strapped to your back. A soft copper flared seal is a cheap and easy way to ensure that no matter what, your fitting will be sealed."

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